Luigi Jr. Bunny
Luigi Jr. Bunny
Biographical information
Full name: Luigi Jr. Bunny
Birthplace: Lunar Lakes
Status: Alive
Age: Young Adult
Residence: Lunar Lakes (formerly)

Roaring Heights (currently)

Occupation: Firefighter
Other information
Gender: Male
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Brown
Marital status: In A Relationship
Significant Other/s: Daisy Bunny
Luigi Jr. Bunny is one of the main characters of The Sims 3 Combined. He is currently working in a firefighting profession and is currently dating Daisy Bunny, whom was his imaginary friend as a child. 


Luigi Jr. Bunny wears a hat to cover his hair and wears a trench coat, black pants and a pair of brown shoes. Like the rest of the cast, his appearance has been changing from episode to episode, because Andrew is very fond of the 'Create-A-Sim' feature.


Luigi Jr. Bunny possibly possesses the trait of 'over-emotional', because he cried for no exact reason; unless if you count Andrew stopping his actions of playing on his tablet. 


  • Luigi is the second character in the series to be with his/her imaginary friend.
  • Luigi, along with Plastic, Keely, Buster, Babs and Daisy, are the only Sims who came from his 'Generations' Let's Play.