Danny Grapes
Biographical information
Full name: Danny Grapes
Birthplace: SimVille
Status: Alive
Age: Child
Residence: SimVille
Occupation: Student
Other information
Gender: Male
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Brown
Marital status: Single
Significant Other/s: N/A
Family: Bill Grapes (father), Bethany Grapes (mother), Scruffy Grapes (uncle), Paula Grapes (adoptive daughter)
Danny Grapes is one of the original main characters of The Sims. He is the son of Bill Grapes and Bethany Grapes in the series, where he adopted Paula Grapes and raised her in his parents home. 


Danny appears to have black hair and wears a pre-made simple outfit.


Danny is shown to be a horrible student at his school and is currently trying to avoid military school. However, in his early appearances, he was always studied and ranked up his grade in school. But when Paula was born, it caused him to miss school and had stopped studying, causing him to the events of to avoid boot camp.


  • Danny is the youngest character in the original cast to have a child of his very own, without having a possible love interest nor a wife or a girlfriend.
  • He was stalked by Michael Bachelor after he was watched whilst taking a shower and while he was sleeping in his new bedroom.