Buster Bunny
Buster Bunny
Biographical information
Full name: Buster Bunny
Birthplace: Lunar Lakes
Status: Alive
Age: Young Adult
Residence: Lunar Lakes (formerly)

Roaring Heights (current)

Occupation: Criminal
Other information
Gender: Male
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Brown
Marital status: In A Relationship
Significant Other/s: Babs Bunny (girlfriend)
Family: Luigi Bunny (father), Yumi Bunny (mother)
Buster Bunny is one of the main characters of The Sims 3 Combined.  He is a graduate of Sims University with a Technology degree and currently works as a criminal.


Buster's college appearance was that he has black swayed hair and wears a silver jacket, white shirt, brown skinny jeans and black converse. Buster's second appearance was that he has slicked hair and wears the regular clothing that comes from the Roaring Heights content.


Buster is describe as an insane, absent-minded, socially awkward who is handy and ambitious. As Andrew wanted, Buster had gained the rebel reputation during the first season. He is currently an excellent kleptomaniac in Roaring Heights, because Buster was supposed to work in the criminal profession.


  • Buster is working in the criminal profession just like Keely Red, who joined the same profession in the previous season. ("Roaring Heights")
    • However, it was revealed that he didn't actually the profession. ("Magic Fatigue")
  • Buster, along with Babs, is the first Bunny members to have their lover in the same household. They are also the first two Bunny household members to be in the series.
  • Buster is the first Sim of the household and the series to time travel into the future.
    • Excluding Paula, who time travelled with Danny into the future to find for Bella's grave in The Sims 3 Generations Let's Play. Because it was in another season after all.